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Welcome to Lotus Counseling Services

We all have times in our life when we face struggle, frustration, anguish, and tragedy. These times, while painful and seemingly bleak, can also offer opportunities for profound growth. These times can be used to look within, gain more self-understanding, nurture our resilience, strengthen our confidence, and make choices to better align ourselves with the life we seek to live. 

The lotus flower symbolizes growth. It starts as a small seed planted in mud. The seed contains within it everything it needs to eventually bloom. This blooming takes time and energy. Before it can flower, it must travel through murky water always seeking the light. Once it reaches the surface, it blooms into a beautiful flower for all to see. 

You have within you all you need to blossom. By engaging in therapy, you are provided with a safe space to process your thoughts and emotions. You have the opportunity to obtain insight and guidance, which will allow you to define the life you choose to live. With time and effort you too can reach the surface, find light, and bloom into your unique and beautiful self. 

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